Why our company?

Drink Masters is a company which provides a professional bartending service during weddings, closed parties and any other kind of parties.

We provide our clients with the best quality of bartending service!

Our company is created by professionals who love their work. We have only professional bartenders who can be found in the best Tri-City clubs. We provides the highest level of service as we introduced many innovative solutions which you will not find anywhere else! Moreover, we lead professional bartending courses called ‘Masters of Bartenders’. Drink Masters is a dynamic and innovative company which proves the highest level of the service! We are the only company that not only provides you with professional service but also teaches others! Our bartenders have many certificates and finished many training courses.


We adapt to your needs, expectations and financial possibilities. We are going to serve drinks and cocktails that you have chosen before. This night will be unique and each guest will have opportunity to choose his/her best cocktail!


Let’s impress your guests! Having your own bartender with his own bar will give you and your guests a feeling of luxury! You will enjoy plenty of delicious drinks that our bartender is going to serve you! Free access in Tri-City! Your guests will enjoy your party with the best drinks ever!


We can get to every place in Poland!


Our wedding bartenders are able to prepare special molecular drink for newlyweds. We are first and the only one who prepare such cocktails! Molecular drinks combine several fields: bartending, chemistry and physics. Although they are difficult, complicated and time-consuming, we can prepare them on your special request.


To many of us, carving is rather associated with cooks rather than bartenders. As very innovative company, we will prepare them for you! Your wedding guests would be surprised!


Straws, paddles, napkins, flavorings and stands are included in price ! The possibility of buying alcohol and beverages by our company! We create individual menu of drinks and cocktails for each client and we are willing to help you with the shopping. As professionals we know exactly what is needed and how many bottles along with juices and fruit are necessary. The possibility of buying wedding vodka: Thanks to the cooperation with Komers company, we can offer many different types of vodka, regional alcohols along with the transportation of it. LET’S RENT A PROFESSIONAL BARTENDER!

Our History

Drink Masters company exists since 2011. After several years of working in the gastronomy, we have decided to offer our professional bartender service to clients. Our satisfied clients were the first who gave us the idea of our creating such a company and to attend in their wedding ceremonies. Drink Masters means professional bartenders with their own bar and unique cocktails. Our first events were located in Rumia or Gdynia but by the time, we were crossing almost the whole Poland to serve our clients at their weddings. By the time, we had many orders and we were not only bartenders on the wedding ceremonies but we were also attending hen parties, wedding anniversaries, birthday parties. Moreover, we started to cooperate with event companies and thanks to that, we could work on many business events. Currently, we also cooperate with wedding houses. We are still developing and expanding our services since we are striving for perfection in our company. We have bought a second bar and we have introduced chocolate fountain and alcohol fountain to our offer.

Flair bartending became the most interesting part of our offer since it is the most spectacular and magic moment for the guests. Flying bottles, shakers and burning bar make that clients are really impressed. Thanks to experience on such events we have many contacts so we are able and we are willing to help our clients with organizing every party/event they want to have. We cooperate with well-known artists, and many music

bands. We also provide professional hostess service, waiters and technical team. Our team consists of bartenders and professional sommeliers. We organize meetings with sommelier who explains the secrets of wine production along with tasting the wines. If you are interested in cooperation with sommelier please contact us on: biuro@kurssommelierski.pl.

Since we love our job, we want to share our experience and we organize bartending courses.

You can check our offer here: www.kursbarmanski.pl, www.kursbaristy.pl or sommelier courses: www.kurssommelierski.pl. The years of experience gives us satisfaction of our clients who learn a lot during our courses.

Manager who deals with each event from beginning to end . He meets with clients , meeting the expectations of the customer. Bartender 8 years , you can every day to meet him in the famous premises in Sopot behind the bar !
Founder of the company , the main initiator of the entire project . In 2011 PO Wielun years of working behind the bar. He decided to open a mobile bar wedding . Also the founder of the largest schools of bartending Pomerania http://www.mastersofbartenders.pl/
For years, the bartender at Drink Masters, he often rides on our events , weddings ! Very professional bartender , with extensive experience and ideas ! Head bar in the premises bunkier in Gdansk



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