The chocolate fountain is quite new in Poland and it is more often seen during some parties,weddings and events.

While working, the chocolate fountain looks like a big chocolate cake served on a beautiful platform. The chocolate falls down what enable guests to dip fruits in it. The fountain is well visible and can be highlighted by different colors that match to the place where the wedding takes place.

If you rent a chocolate fountain, you will get alcohol fountain for free!

Chocolate fountain

Chocolate fountain
Number of people: 10-240
Height: 81 cm
Capacity: 5 kg
Working time: 16 hours
Standard price: * 600 PLN *- is a special price for those who rent bartending service!

The price includes:

5 kg of Belgian chocolate
backlit platform
fruit sticks
installation and start-up fountain

Additional options:

The fountain service during the entire event 200PLN

The refreshments price – 5 PLN/ per person ( the price depends on the number of guests and the type of ordered fruit)

Additional chocolate – 50PLN/ 2,5 kg
A table covered with tablecloth – 50 PLN
The fountain access and collection is free in Tri-City!
The access outside the Tri-City – 0,5 PLN/ km

The option without snacks:

You are responsible for washing, slicing and serving your products. You need to buy, at least, 80 grams of products per one person. All of the fruit must be washed and sliced and served one hour before a party.

The option with snacks:

We prepare everything for you. We will take care about beautiful presentation of those fruit along with different kinds of chocolate. Our aim is to satisfy every of your guest. Not only did the visuals satisfy you and your guests but the taste is surprising!

The option without service:

While choosing this option, it is very important to get to know if restaurant had had such a fountain before and whether the waiter would be able to take care of it. He/ she needs to have time for it and know, in case of some problems, what to do. The fountain along with table should be clean and snacks should be filled. It often happens that fruit fall into the bowl and as a result the chocolate starts to dripple instead of flowing. The fruit has to be removed very quickly! You should read an article: Is it worth renting a chocolate fountain without the service?

The option with service:

You do not have to worry about anything. Our qualified staff takes care of the chocolate fountain along with the table and snacks from the beginning of the party till the end. They also help your guests to prepare snacks and what is more they clean after the party. Our service guarantees that we leave you only with positive memories after your wedding or the party.


We leave an additional 2,5kg of chocolate in case it is over. If you use it you have to pay but when you do not need it, we will take it back without any extra charge.

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Please read our documentation file to know how to change colors as you want